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Bluffs Pinball Championships

On the last Saturday of February, April, June, August, October and December,  we will play our End of Season Open to All Tournaments.  Cost is $25 and includes the Pinball, a Shawarma or Falaffel sandwich, snacks and drinks.  Tournament starts at 5 pm sharp, and is 2 or 4 player matchplay (depending on number of players) with no new rounds after 9:00.  We will play a Playoff 3 game elimination bracket with as close to 50% of the field as possible qualifying. All eliminated players will play one game with score deciding final placement.  See here for an example.  Due to space limitations we can only accept the first 40 players who register for these events. 

October is our Halloween Costume Party edition, which was hugely popular and a blast last year.  Register early!


Bluffs After Dark

Bluffs After Dark is a 2 hour Flipper Frenzy tournament that will take place as an occasional side event to our League nights.  The entry fee is $10, half of which goes to the prize pool. The prize pool is divided between the winner and a randomly drawn participant.



The Rules


The mandate for Bluffs Pinball is to have fun, and enjoy some competitive pinball in a relaxed, friendly environment.


Each group will play 8 games per week, usually drawn from a balance on EM, SS and DMD machines, however, this may be altered depending on machines in need of repair, etc.  Scores will consist of points from all 8 machines played. First place on each machine will get 7, second place will get 5, third place will get 3, fourth place will get 1.  A 3 player group will score 7,4,1 or 4,3,1 or 4,2,1 depending on comparisons to the mean score on the machine played.


Maximum points in any given week is 56.


Groupings are determined based on the point total from the previous week played.  League administration will do their best to group players with similar scores, although this is not always possible.  Groups will consist of 4 players whenever possible, 3 when not.


Latecomers are welcome to join their groups and catch up on machines they’ve missed, however, you must text Walt ahead of time in order to be included.  If enough late players arrive who haven’t texted to form an additional group, that group may participate in that particular meet. If the machine happens to break before you can play it, that will be recorded as a forfeit.


Generally speaking we try to follow the PAPA rules for competitive play, however, expecting those to be memorized is unreasonable and we try to be a relaxed, friendly place at all times. If you notice that we make a call that is wrong, please feel free to enlighten us later.  


Respect for machines – all of these machines are part of private collections, being made available to the league through the goodwill of their various owners.  Please treat them better than you might your own. Anyone hitting, kicking or excessively moving/tilting/slam-tilting a machine will be asked to leave that night.  If you’re asked to leave twice, we ask that you not come back.


Treatment of others


No harassment or abuse of others will be tolerated.  Please try to limit excessive complaining as well, as we want a positive atmosphere for all.  Also, while the occasional expletive can be forgiven on drains, please remember that we often have children present, and it goes against our overall mandate for relaxed, fun pinball.


Any kind of rule question or disagreement, please speak to Dino, Kevin, Walt or Scott for a ruling.